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Winter maps 2008/2009

Levi Center
Cross-country skiing tracks
Piste map
Village map
Snowmobile tracks, Levi

Information for our Guests

If you have booked a cottage with us, please download and read the instruction leaflet below!

Instructions VIPRAKKA

Instructions LAMMASKURU

Location of the Cottages

Accommodation name
Viprakka 4
Viprakka 4
Viprakka 4
Lammaskuru A
Länsirakka 1 - 1
Lammaskuru A
Lammaskuru B
Länsirakka 1 - 2
Lammaskuru B

If you need a rental car while in Levi, or driving to/from Levi, you may use the form below to make a reservation.

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If you have any questions concerning our accommodation, or concerning Levi in general, please contact us, and send a mail to info@viprakka.com
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